Root Canal Therapy

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At Ferguson Family Dental, we can provide you with root canal therapy to help in situations that a tooth has received deep trauma that is in desperate need of treatment.
Inside each tooth there is a chamber filled with soft tissue called dental pulp. The pulp consists of nerves, blood vessel, and tissue. This pulp provides your tooth with the nutrients it needs to grow and develop from infancy. In it, the nerves extends down below the gum line into the tooth’s root in the jaw.
This inner pulp can sometimes become infected because of decay or severe injury. If a tooth’s pulp becomes infected or injured and is left without any treatment the tooth may eventually die and cause you severe pain and discomfort. If it progresses to that point, a dental professional may recommend that it is extracted to help with your overall oral health.
However, this procedure could be avoided if the infected or damaged pulp is properly diagnosed and treated on time. We can provide root canal therapy to treat a tooth since it can survive without the inner pulp once the tooth has fully developed. The exterior structure of the tooth can still remain.
Root canal therapies are designed to treat damaged teeth by extracting the infected pulp and replacing it with specialized dental materials. The tooth’s inner chamber is emptied and cleaned to prevent further buildup of bacteria. After this, the dental professional will fill it in. We can then cap it with a device such as a dental crown, which will ideally function as the new surface of the tooth.
It is possible for the dental crown to be altered to match the colouration of your teeth to help it blend in. Root canal can be an alternative to more serious treatments depending on the individual circumstance.
If you feel you want more information on root canal therapy, or to start your process with a consultation, contact Ferguson Family Dental today. You can also request an appointment online.

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