Bonded Fillings

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At Ferguson Family Dental in Barrie, we have a whole range of cosmetic and restorative options to offer our patients across our community. When it comes to minor repairs like chips, typical wear and even repairs, we can offer amalgam-free bonded fillings in as little as one appointment if you are a suitable candidate.

Bonded fillings are often used in the instance that a patient experiences damage to the tooth through a chip or crack, or decay such as a cavity. However, in more serious instances, a dental professional may recommend that you use additional treatment such as a dental crown.

Once the material has been placed, our Barrie dentists can use an ultraviolet light to help the substance harden and bond to the tooth. This aspect of the procedure is typically painless, but there may be necessary alterations depending on your specific procedure. Once it hardens, the bonded filling will function as a chewing surface and should be able to support typical daily wear of a tooth through activities such as eating. Discuss this procedure with a dental professional to determine the specifics and the estimated longevity.

There are more options available for this procedure than typical metallic substances. Amalgam-free bonded fillings can also be customized to match the colouration of your teeth. We understand that while your oral health takes priority, some aesthetic differences may make a difference in your decision. The composite resin used in tooth-coloured bonded fillings can be altered to change its tint closer to that of your teeth. It is important to discuss these options with a dental professional such as your family dentist in Barrie if you are considering any change that can affect your oral health.

Feel free to contact Ferguson Family Dental today for more information; we will discuss any oral issue you may have and make sure the treatment is well understood. Your health, comfort, and confidence with your mouth are part of our concern. You can also request an appointment online. Our practice is conveniently located just off Ardagh Rd.

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